House Again was built 4 years ago and now we have more than 300,000 customers choosing House Again products!
We won't be able to achieve such success without the genuine trust from thousands of customers.
Apart from keeping offering reliable service for customers, launching this Rewards Program is another great way we can think about to show our gratitude.
Here're some of benefits of joining Rewards Program. (Updated on 4/25/2020)
● Get a chance to join monthly contest of Amazon Gift Cards in a total value of $1000.
($500 gift card for 1 winner + $100 gift card for 5 winners)
● Automatically enter a giveaway to win full rebates of your most recent order.
(10 winners, maximum cashback $30)
● Get $5 off with $25 purchase for your next order.
● Invite your friends to join Rewards, both of you get $5 coupon.
● Frequent new arrivals free trial. 
● Member day exclusive big discount every month.

Tips that you should know before you join us:
a. House Again is affiliated with Aegend so this link will direct you to Aegend rewards program.
b. You're also allowed to join Aegend members if you purchased any item from House Again.
c. Please note there is no reduplicate benefits if you purchased both House Again and Aegend items.